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Preferred Development

Our long-standing Preferred Development Program is perfectly positioned to help you with market entry and/or market expansion. We have the infrastructure and expertise in place to help you hit the ground running, allowing you to build your market presence quickly and save money in the process.

Within our Preferred Development Program, we work with your staff, acting as your sole representative in each market. This relationship gives us deeper insight into your needs and your business, which then allows us to deliver better buildings faster to you.

Starting with market strategy, we become the clearinghouse for all offers made by local brokers, insuring that you are not bidding against yourself on a property offered by multiple brokers. Working under guidelines set by you, we control all aspects of the negotiations, from initial inquiries, through entitlement review, to site purchase, construction and turnover.

From conception to completion, we are your real estate department.

When expanding, it’s vital to quickly locate, secure and open multiple sites, sometimes in many markets concurrently. The overriding concern is the need to reach customers interested in your products or services. Establishing multiple locations is critical in reaching these goals.

With a growth strategy in place, a company faces many questions.

Armstrong Development has the answers to help you grow.

Financially, do we have the resources to build multiple sites in multiple markets?
Financial Strength

Armstrong Development has the financial strength to develop multiple sites in multiple markets. We build over 40 CVS locations each year, and we support the pre-development costs of dozens of other sites. We are a subsidiary of the Armstrong Group of Companies, a telecommunications firm. With investments that include the 15th largest cable TV and internet provider in the country, the Armstrong Group has the financial strength to back preferred development efforts across the nation.

As an organization, how do we develop the systems needed to control the expansion process?

An expansion effort of any size requires processes to evaluate, select and build locations. Armstrong Development has created procedures for CVS that have been adopted for all developers in their system. CVS has said our procedures have saved them years of internal development time.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We’ve given years of thought to the retail expansion process. With Armstrong Development, clients have access to more than a decade of retail development experience and practices.

Where do we find the qualified personnel vital to the development process?
Qualified Staff

A decision to expand requires people. Sometimes a lot of people. It can easily take a year before new staff and new procedures start to bring deals to the table. That’s a year you cannot afford to lose to your competition.

With Armstrong Development as your preferred developer, your staff is already in place. We are trained, experienced and possess the market knowledge vital to an expansion effort. Our regional office staff provides the boots on the ground necessary for the evaluation of sites. In turn, they are supported by our Pittsburgh headquarter staff, who provide the technology needed to assist in site evaluation and site package preparation.

History of our Preferred Development Program

In 1997, Armstrong Development won a bid from CVS Pharmacy.

It was a development contract for one store, in a small town south of Pittsburgh. GPS is a great help in finding it.

CVS liked the results. They soon granted us a small development territory in Western Pennsylvania. Over the next few years, the territory grew to include all of Southwestern Pennsylvania and parts of Ohio and Maryland.

Then CVS asked us a question. CVS was a regional company interested in becoming a national one. Would we be interested in expanding with them? It was the beginning of the preferred development program at Armstrong Development.

From one store, we’ve now built over 430 CVS Pharmacy locations across the United States, and we have more than 75 additional stores are in the development pipeline.

We have a long history of preferred development with CVS pharmacy, Chase Bank, and Goodyear, and we would love to put our experience to work for you.