Real Estate

Site Selection

Location, Location, Location. A Site Selection strategy doesn’t mean that every site should strive to be exactly the same – that would be boring. It means that every location should resonate with a local clientele, but still carry the spirit of your brand experience.

Location is what drives people to your business. If the customer base in a neighborhood doesn’t match the target demographics, accessibility is poor, or there simply aren’t enough people, a retailer won’t succeed no matter how good it is.

Site Selection is a key factor in success, but we know that identifying and researching potential sites can generate mountains of work. Our Real Estate and Analysis teams will help you tackle this challenge.

We use state of the art technology, including a proprietary in-house database of national retailers, GIS mapping analysis, and demographics, to search for sites that will best meet your objectives.

Our In-House GIS and Analysis Team works hard to present research findings in easy-to-read formats that are designed to accelerate the site decision process. This analysis, combined with good judgment gained through years of experience, enables us to provide the perfect site for you!

Map image showing site locations


In the Acquisition stage, we identify, assess, and acquire property for you. But we do more than just take a fee title to a piece of property. Our capabilities extend from negotiation to the execution of ground leases, space leases, build-to-suits, reverse build-to-suits, and strategic land purchase projects.

Our services during Acquisition include: Satellite image showing a site location

Due Diligence and Feasibility

The Due Diligence and Feasibility stage is the investigative and/or assessment process used to identify, prevent, or mitigate foreseeable risks, conditions, and land-use stipulations associated with acquisition and development of a property.

Our services during Due Diligence and Feasibility include: