Leasing & Property Management

We strive to get the right tenants located in the right buildings.

We own and operate many of our development projects. Our leasing portfolio includes parcels and shop spaces that we lease to tenants who bring the retail synergy that we need in a shopping center. Our growing portfolio includes of over four million square feet of commercial office and retail space.

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After your doors open, our Property Management team will be there for you. We manage properties for one of the most demanding property owners in the nation... Ourselves.

Best known as a developer of retail and office centers, we also manage a commercial portfolio of over four million square feet.

Our experience as a developer provides a unique perspective of the management of properties. While the building is in the design stage and only exists on paper, we are already considering operational issues, and adding efficiencies to the design. Drawings and concepts are reviewed prior to turning a shovel of dirt. We recommend features that quicken the pace of leasing and allow for efficient, lower cost operation and management of the property.

Our job is to add value to properties that are part of our management portfolio. While our property managers recognize the value of curb appeal, they specialize in what is going on "behind the walls" of each building. With experience ranging from life safety to HVAC systems, Armstrong Development Properties offers management abilities that other firms must contract to third party consultants.